School values proven rock solid

Students have worked through a challenging year. (Pictures: Supplied)

David Reynolds, Principal of Melton Secondary College, says its collective commitment to learning has fuelled a renewed sense of optimism about the exciting opportunities that lie ahead, despite 2020 posing a number of challenges for students and teachers at the college.

“The Melton Secondary College community has always prided itself on strong values of Success, Team Work, Ambition, Respect and Responsibility (STARR). They underpin everything that we do and help ensure students grow as self-aware, confident and kind young people.

“These values have guided us through these uncertain times, and encouraged us to become wiser, more resilient and innovative. Our teachers, students and families adapted to new ways of working and learning rapidly. The success of remote learning at our college was reinforced by the ability of our highly skilled teachers to utilise digital technologies in engaging ways to enhance learning.

“Our community maintained trusting relationships with students and checked in on student wellbeing regularly. This has made a return to onsite learning a smooth transition for students this term.

“The students flourish at school through the explicit development of social and emotional capabilities, in recognition that wellbeing is a critical precondition for academic success.

“Our student-led cultural diversity celebrations built connection among students and staff and demonstrated the true capability of our student leaders to unify the student cohort. Opportunities for student voice and agency are embedded through the operations of the college and its classrooms, so students feel heard and are in engaged in decisions at every level.

“During remote learning, student feedback informed a number of modifications to methods of learning, encouraging ownership of their learning.

“While our students missed their friends and teachers during remote learning, they became more resilient and independent in their studies.”

In addition to increasing reading, numeracy and VCE outcomes, the college is thriving through building upon already successful co-curricular programs.

These include the new Student Excellence initiative where students are provided opportunities to enrich their interest and engagement in STEM, coding and extension mathematics.

The Japanese Language Immersion program and Instrumental Music program provide additional opportunities to build upon student interest and support important qualities such as intercultural understanding and creativity.

“Looking towards 2021, we are excited to welcome a large new cohort of Year 7 students and excited by the prospect of a brand-new stadium and sporting facilities to bolster our successful Athlete Development Program.

“We are developing new relationships with community organisations and continue to strengthen existing relationships with families and the Melton community.”

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