Give your favourite dishes a stamp of authenticity

Amandeep Kaur, her son Harteg, 3, and staff member Dhanpreet Rallh. (Damjan Janevski)

We’ve all heard about garam masala, but how about chaat masala?

It’s this kind of question that the team at MGS Indian Supermarket can answer in a flash. Which is great news for family cooks who might need a bit of help navigating their way through all the wonderful spices and ingredients from the sub-continent.

For locals who know what’s what when it comes to these things, MGS offers bulk supplies of such items as lentils, and Basmati and raw rice, saving money and shopping time. But for customers looking for smaller quantities, there’s a plethora of other products to choose from to whip up a feast of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Islander dishes.

And if life is busy or cooking skills are more basic, there are also ready-made curries and Indian sweets. Pick up sambals, papadums and the makings of a simple dhal and anyone can serve up a terrific meal to impress family and friends.

The wall of fridges stocks a huge range of frozen vegies and the like, and shelves carry every type of condiment, snack, oil, and spice.

The super-friendly team of six can explain how to use the products, with plenty of information about how to tackle a particular recipe. It’s what they love to do, so there’s no need to be shy about pleading ignorance.

Food from this part of the world has always been popular, but MGS makes it easy to do it at home. The large supermarket right on High Street has plenty of parking in the area, so spend time browsing and discover how much is there.

Looking ahead

As demand rises, the team plans on introducing hot food. What a way to be spoilt! And pastries, and products from other nations, are on the future agenda, too.

MGS Indian Supermarket, 358-368 High Street, Melton. Opens 9am-9pm daily. 
Inquiries: 8088 3288 or Facebook