Empowered lay the foundations, so you can build a life.

Empowered homes are considered equivalent to large luxury homes.

Empowered Liveability was founded to create tailored living solutions for people with complex requirements, including young people forced into aged care. With a plethora of lived and vocational experience in complex care provision, including direct care, support coordination, training and counselling within disability, mental health, and aged care, the team is made up of passionate advocates that believe in people with disabilities living life on their own terms.

Combining expert disability knowledge with property expertise, the Empowered Liveability team supports participants to choose where, how, and who they live with and who they are supported by.

With over 40 SDA funded properties on large blocks throughout Australia, Empowered homes are considered equivalent to large luxury homes. Working with ethical and heart centred investors, who often have a connection to the disability or mental health sectors supports the Empowered Liveability purpose of empowering people to thrive through independent living options.

The Empowered team are also able to facilitate complete choice and control in aiding participants and families to build their very own dream home. With a view to create many options for disabled people to choose from, the team is adamant

that co-creation of Specialist Disability Accommodation is the way of the future, working hand in hand with participants to encompass every possibility of creating life-long homes, not workplaces.

Empowered Liveability ensures the process of finding or creating your forever home, is enjoyable and an empowering process end to end.