Awards push businesses to reach new heights

2019 winner Melton Music. (Pictures: Supplied)

Carole Levy

COVID-19 put a stop to Melton Business Excellence Awards in 2020, but this year the prestigious awards are bouncing back, with nominations and applications open until June 14 and June 30 respectively.

Melton’s ‘best’ businesses are in the midst of their application processes, but anyone in the community can also nominate a business as deserving of a win in one of six categories.

The three non-nomination awards – selected by the judging panel – include Business of the Year (sponsored by Atherstone); Hall of Fame (Melton Toyota); and Mayoral Achievement (Venture Melton).

Jasmine Lynch, owner of Melton Music and recipient of four past Melton Business Awards, will be eagerly entering again this year. She’s a huge fan of the awards and believes their benefits are many.

“We’ve been entering since 2012, and won the Creative category in 2015 and again in 2017,” she says. “Then, in 2018 and 2019, we won in the Best Access and Inclusion category, of which we are particularly proud.

“The awards gave Melton Music stronger name recognition to the extent that locals now absolutely know that we’re a business that welcomes people with disabilities. We’re very proud of that.”

Jasmine found the application process enormously beneficial.

“It actually compelled us to do a deep-dive into the business, thoroughly check our processes and evaluate successes and misses. To see the business grow through being a winner was great but, even better, the awards process pushed us to reach new heights.

“It was the focus the awards produced that inspired me to upgrade my qualifications. Very soon, I will have completed a graduate degree in strategic business management.

“Entering the awards is nothing but positive, and I would definitely encourage other businesses to get on board.”

Another business that praises Melton Business Awards is Same Day Printing in Ravenhall, owned by Tom Dickson, who says the awards are “a beautiful thing”.

“We’ve entered and won an award several times, including the 2019 Creative category. A win means a lot to our team as their efforts towards a job well done are validated and recognised,” Tom says.

“The application process is a real chance to reflect on your business and review what’s been achieved. This is done regularly, but the awards encourage us to dig deeper, answering the questions, ‘Are we on track’? ‘Where can we do better?’, and the like.

“There’s not a business around that wouldn’t find it beneficial to apply.”

Like many other business owners, Tom is still busy ‘mopping up’ after Covid but says this year’s application is hopefully in the pipeline.

“The gala awards night is also a beauty. It gives the team a chance to celebrate and provides a reward for hard work. The awards are a win, no matter what happens.”

To apply or nominate for 2021 Melton Business Awards, go to