Wrestler grapples with fame

19/09/2017. Melton/Moorabool Star Weekly. Wrestler. Issue Date 26/09. Melton wrestler Jakes Males will be training with WWE academy Picture Shawn Smits.

Jake Navara has copped a broken arm, three concussions, two broken noses, torn ligaments and a dislocated elbow from wrestling – but he’s still pumped and ready to throw down for a wrestling showdown in coming weeks.

The Melton personal trainer moonlights as a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler and is vying for a championship title next month. Navara said his wrestling obsession started from a young age.

“My love grew for the WWE style of wrestling when I was just eight years old,” he said.

“I was immediately hooked on the theatrical characteristics and athleticism.

“I said to myself, ‘That’s what I’m going to do one day!’”

He said he’s fulfilled that childhood dream over the past nine years touring Australia and America.

“I have done most of the things on my list,” Navara said.

“From holding championship gold to gaining respect and credibility from the Australian industry and from top WWE superstars I have idolised growing up.”

If he wins the Showdown Wrestling, at the Melton Civic Centre on October 7, Navara will go head-to-head with Perth wrestler Aaron O’Malley for the New Horizons Pro-Wrestling Art of Fighting Championship belt.