MY EYNESBURY: Amber Kennedy

my place_21-9-17 Amber is a marriage celebrant who will perform a same sex marriage

What is your connection to Melton?

I live in Eynesbury and my children do kinder, school and sport locally.

How long have you lived in the area?

We have lived in the area for 11 years and moved to Eynesbury 18 months ago – we absolutely love it!

Why did you decide to become a celebrant.

After going to a few really bad weddings I thought to myself, these people deserve better! I could see how weddings could be beautiful with just a few changes from the celebrant. That’s when I decided I wanted to help people have their perfect day. The more weddings I did the more I realised that the best weddings are when people get married the way they want to. So apart from traditional ceremonies, in the past 10 years I have also been a part of many surprise, dress-up and location ceremonies.

What are you passionate about?

Marriage equality. I also think wedding ceremonies don’t have to be the boring bit before the fun starts. Let’s make the whole day awesome.

You will be performing a same-sex commitment ceremony this week. Tell me about what that means to you.

I look forward to the day that all consenting adults in Australia can choose to legally marry and commit for life. I believe it is not a religious debate – the church and state are separate and will remain so. It is not a debate about love – as a marriage celebrant I do not legally marry people because they are ‘in love’ – there is no love test they need to pass. I believe every person deserves the same rights, so just as I was able to marry the person I wanted to commit to for life (happy 15th anniversary Damon xx) so should any other consenting adult.


What other hats do you wear in the community?

I volunteer at the Melton library co-ordinating the conversational English class. I believe strongly that the way to unite people from diverse backgrounds is through empathy. I am committed to be part of a city that gathers the good from everyone’s culture and builds a community that has the best from everyone. I am a also member of the council initiative, Venture Melton and co-ordinator of a local wedding network called Plus a school mum and frequent visitor to the local restaurants and shops – we have so many great ones!

What would people be surprised to know about you?

Not much, I am seriously an open book. My biggest secret is probably that on the rare Saturday that I don’t have a wedding you will struggle to get me out of my pjs.

What is the best thing about Eynesbury?

It is a calming place to live and raise a family whilst still being close to the city and coast. My kids get outside a lot more since we moved here and my friends think I live in the bush.