Kurunjang school grows together

Kurunjang Secondary College’s gardeners include Stephanie, Jaydon, Brandon, Kane and Dylan. Picture: Kristian Scott

Samantha Vella’s love of gardening and recycling has sown the seeds for a whole-school project that is reaping rewards.

The Secondary College attendance officer decided to use an unused space and discarded pallets at the school to start a vegetable garden.

And the entire school has jumped on board.

“We’ve got kids wanting to participate without even being asked,” Ms Vella said. “In the staff room, we’ve set up a compost bin and staff and students are throwing their scraps in there.”

Ms Vella said the project would have never come to fruition if science teacher Lucy Cassar hadn’t made available an environmental grant she received from the federal government.

“I just happened to have a discussion [about the garden] with Lucy who had received the grant for that exact purpose,” she said.

“The students enjoy it because they’re not looking at a school book.”

Ms Vella said students were enjoying the process of seeing their ideas, creativity and creations come to life.

“The school just looks much better now.”