Committee set up to tackle ‘ice’ epidemic

Bluebird House committee members Denis Morton and Noelle Dickson. Picture: Joe Mastroianni

Melton and Moorabool communities have banded together to help combat the ‘ice’ epidemic.

A nine-member committee will set up the town’s Bluebird House, a not-for-profit centre that will take a holistic approach to drug rehabilitation, with professional medical staff and qualified former addicts.

The members know first-hand how vital an affordable drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre is for the Bacchus Marsh area. They’ve all witnessed the harrowing effects of drug addiction. Many have been down that path themselves.

Committee vice-president Denis Morton says: “Basically, about 25 of us got together a few months ago because of the ice problem in the community. Half of us are recovering drug addicts and half are local community members who are concerned about drugs or have had family members involved one way or another.”

Bluebird House is ready to open and staff are on standby, but the committee still needs $10,000 to pay them and maintain the premises.

Mr Morton, 58, struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction for 23 years. He’s been clean for 22 years thanks to a detox program and self-help group he attended at the lowest point in his life.

“Rehab and detox play a big part … but the follow-up is even more important,” Mr Morton said. “Once the drugs are withdrawn from their system, people need … counselling or peer support.”

Bluebird House will focus on a detox program followed by three-months of rehabilitation and a three-month transition program, where people are integrated into the community.

Details: 0401 961 964