Planting a love of science

Year 3-4 students Roqia, Maha and Samar with principal Roszana Ramli and teacher Nilab Nawabi. (Damjan Janevski) 373706_03

Budding scientists from Muhammadiyah Australia College (M.A.C) have placed third in a national competition with an investigation into how different liquids affect plants.

The Think Science competition gave year three to 10 students across Australia an opportunity to develop and showcase their science inquiry skills and win thousands of dollars in prizes.

A team of four M.A.C students wanted to investigate what liquids were best for plants so they could keep their teacher’s plant as healthy as possible while she was sick.

“I learned all about teamwork and how to explore in science and make predication,” said year 3 student Samar.

Teacher Nilab Nawabi said the experience was incredibly enriching for all involved.

“The competition provided a dynamic platform for the kids to apply their critical thinking skills, collaborate with peers, and explore innovative solutions to challenges. It was a hands-on learning experience that went beyond traditional classroom settings,“ she said.

From the liquids tested, the students found water and milk to be the healthiest, while lemonade and vinegar were the worst.