Opposition leader hits back at “empty” hospital promise

Opposition Melton MP Graham Watt, Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy and opposition health minister Georgie Crozier.

By Olivia Condous

Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy has hit back at the state government’s budget funding for the Melton hospital, arguing the pledge is an “empty promise”.

At a press conference on May 4, Mr Guy said Labor was too slow to fulfill the promise of the hospital first made four years ago.

“If the Labor government can’t build a hospital as a priority four years ago, then they’re never going to build it now,

“They’ve only just recently got around to buying the land.”

Mr Guy said the Liberal party would begin construction on the hospital within the first year of being in government, if the party is successful in the state election this November.

“It is my intention in our first budget to put money aside to begin this project immediately,” Mr Guy said.

“The western suburbs can’t wait, we’ve committed money to this hospital straightaway.

“I intend to get on with building it straightaway, in the first term of government the Coalition intends to commence construction on this hospital, not delivered by this government who had eight years to deliver it.”

Mr Guy argued the Victorian premier Daniel Andrews had previously prioritised funding for metropolitan infrastructure projects, such as the Melbourne Metro project and the Suburan Rail Loop.

“If you can start infrastructure projects within 12 months of coming to office you can start a hospital,

“This hospital remains just an empty field. It’s an empty field with empty promises by a government that is out of ideas and out of money,” Mr Guy said.

“Labor is just stringing along the people of Melton.”

Opposition Melton MP Graham Watt said many Melton local residents did not trust Daniel Andrews to deliver the hospital project.

“Four years ago, it was promised and here we are again, on an empty block of land,” Mr Watt said.

City of Melton mayor said the council had campaigned for the hospital for a number of years and wanted the project completed as soon as possible.

“We are not happy with the time we’re waiting… we needed the hospital yesterday.”