City of Melton welcomes state budget announcements

By Olivia Condous

The City of Melton council has welcomed the latest state budget, which included the funding of several key projects in the area.

The main funded projects for Melton included up to $1 billion for the Melton Hospital in Cobblebank, $14.9 million to duplicate a section of the Melton Highway, $6.1 million for planning of the Western Interstate Freight Terminal (WIFT) and the addition of three new schools including one specialist school.

Three existing local schools also received funding for extensions and upgrades, funding was allocated for new bus services in Diggers Rest and the acquisition of land for a new secondary school in Cobblebank.

In a media release from the City of Melton, Mayor Goran Kesic said the council was thrilled at the exciting news delivered in the state budget and appreciated the Victorian government’s recognition of Melton’s needs.

“This level of funding will truly make the Melton Hospital a reality, it will provide much-needed

healthcare locally and will create quality local jobs,” Mayor Kesic said.

“It’s a credit to our whole community who campaigned and advocated strongly with us for this vital facility.”

Mayor Kesic said the Melton Hospital and Western Interstate Freight Terminal were “transformational” projects that will help attract commercial investment and provide 100,000 jobs for Melton by 2050.

“We look forward to learning more details about all the projects funded for the City of Melton and

working with the state government to meet the needs of our growing community now and in the


However, at a Liberal party press conference on May 4, Mayor Kesic said the council was “not happy” with how long the project was taking.

“We needed the hospital yesterday,” Mayor Kesic said.