Noise, dust lead to Maddingley road closure

An unsealed Maddingley road will be closed following complaints from residents about noise and dust.

A 230-metre section of Bacchus Street, that provided access to Werribee Vale Road will be permanently closed at the Powlett Street intersection.

A request to close that section to traffic was raised at Moorabool council’s meeting last October. Officers called for submissions from February to April. Nine submissions were received, with five in favour of the closure of the street and four against its closure.

Some residents say there has been an increase in the number of cars using Bacchus Street as a through road to Werribee Vale Road since the Halletts Way extension opened in August,

“Cars do not slow down on the dirt section of Bacchus Street, causing extreme dust which takes up to 10 minutes to settle,” one submission stated. “The back of my house is now constantly covered with dust from the dirt road.”

Disability services provider Merrimu, which has an office at 2 Bacchus Street, strongly opposed the closure of the road. Merrimu president Michael Wale said he was concerned about emergency vehicles not being able to get access to the site from either end of the street.

“To evacuate [more than 100] people in an emergency, either a fire or other hazard such as gas explosion, we need every exit and access road available,”
Mr Wale wrote in his submission.

“We would have more than 15 vehicles evacuating over 100 people.”