Ballan op shop’s opportunity to help Lancefield

Michaela Johnston. Picture: Kristian Scott

A Ballan op shop has rallied behind the Lancefield community in the wake of last week’s bushfires.

Opportunity On Inglis manager Michaela Johnston said the shop had donated 10 large bags of clothes and accessories to Lancefield Op Shop.

Many Lancefield people evacuated their homes in summer-appropriate clothes only to feel the impact of a cold snap.

“I want to let the people who have donated to us know that their donations will be going to people in Lancefield who really need them now,” Ms Johnston said. “It’s about being a part of the wider community – some people in Lancefield need a bit of a helping hand.”

A planned burn jumped containment lines during last week’s hot and windy weather, forcing many people from their homes.

Ms Johnston said it was time for the op shop, which was “blessed with people’s generosity”, to donate to those who needed it the most.

“At times like this, everybody needs to help,” she said.