IN FOCUS: Service with a spark at Battery World

Managers Nick Vella-Vankassel and James Adams. (Photo Joe Mastroianni)

By Carole Levy

Launched in Melton just eight weeks ago, Battery World is already solving problems and helping customers get the best bang for their buck. Battery World is known for its full range of batteries for every application but, as manager Steven Iddles says: “It’s the service we provide, not just the products, that give our physical and online stores a leading edge.”

Steven tells of a recent transaction that exemplifies the service standards typical of the Battery World crew.

“A couple had recently bought a brand-new off-road camper with two large, deep cycle batteries that let them down on their adventure,” Steven says.

“We removed both batteries and completed a full analysis – taking the entire day due to the size of the batteries. We then refitted them back into the camper, presenting evidence of cell failure of one of the batteries so they could return them under warranty. We also noted a potential charging problem with the internal system.

“They were surprised that we had gone to so much trouble for a free service, but that actually sums up what we are trying to achieve – to be a known and trusted business.”

By the way, those deep cycle batteries the couple needed are available throughout spring at discounted prices. Other products/services include:

• Battery testing

• Standard and complex battery fitting

• 24-hour roadside assistance

• Marine and boat battery assistance

• Camping and caravan battery set-ups

• Dual battery set-ups

• Specialised battery builds

• Educational and training events

• Assistance for corporate clients and business-to-business solutions

• Free next-day home delivery for purchases over $50

• Members Discount Cards

Full battery testing and analysis is free – whether the batteries are from Battery World Melton or not; and installation is also free for most vehicles.

Steven says Battery World has an award-winning national recycling program too.

“Simply drop into our store to recycle or responsibly dispose of dead batteries. We also assist with the recycling or disposal of old mobile phones, cordless tools, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs), and all chargers.”


Battery World Melton, 2259B Melton Highway, Melton. Opens: 8.30am-5pm Monday-Friday; 9am-4pm Saturday; and 10am-3pm Sunday. Inquiries: 0460 501 289 (landline 8746 4577 coming soon)


Managers James Adams and Nick Vella-Vankassel. (Photo Joe Mastroianni)
Inventory manager Nick Vella-Vankassel. (Photo Joe Mastroianni)