IN FOCUS: Delivering passionate dental care

Dr Nabil Ishak (far right), with the crew. (Photo supplied)

By Carole Levy

A dad who now feels unashamed to be in selfies with his children … A young girl whose repaired teeth gave her confidence to pursue becoming a model … A steak-loving man who can now tuck into one with gusto … They all have something – or someone – in common: Dr Nabil Ishak, principal dentist at Melton Dental Group.

Dr Ishak has been delivering high-level dental care to his community for more than 30 years – in fact, he’s now treating the grandchildren of his original patients.

He says that this continuity of service to one town is relatively rare these days, and counts it an asset to both his practice and his patients.

“Our team has been able to form and maintain great doctor-patient relationships over the years, which is a testament to not just satisfaction with the skill we bring, but also the ability to potentially change our patients’ lives,” Dr Ishak says.

“It’s a privilege to offer the highest quality dental treatments, especially in the area of cosmetic dentistry, where we see patients gain the ability to smile confidently, without embarrassment.

“Another life change we see is in the extremely anxious and scared patients who come to trust and even ‘love’ coming to the dentist. It’s our forte.”

As well as general dentistry for the entire family, the clinic has a comprehensive range of preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. This includes dental implants and All-on-4 permanent dentures, along with braces, veneers and whitening.

Dr Ishak addresses the issue of anxiety some have towards all-things dental, to the point they might avoid the dentist for years.

“The last thing any dentist wants is for people to neglect their oral health, so we offer Sleep Dentistry, which is of great benefit to anxious patients, including children.

“It all takes place in the chair, with sedation administered via IV. Patients don’t actually sleep but enter a relaxed sleep-like state, still able to respond to directions. They’re unlikely to remember the treatment afterwards.

“General anaesthetic can also be administered, in cases such as implants or surgical extractions of wisdom teeth.”

A recent patient of Sleep Dentistry says, “I couldn’t be any happier… You made me feel at home with the relaxed atmosphere.”

Although highly specialised and experienced, Dr Ishak and his team don’t stand still. They regularly attend seminars, lectures and courses to keep abreast of the latest in dental techniques and technologies in Australia and abroad.

The practice provides on-the-spot health insurance claims, is a Members First Preferred BUPA provider, bulk bills through the government child dental benefit scheme and offers Afterpay, Zip Pay and Open Pay options.


Melton Dental Group, 447 High Street, Melton. Opens 8am-7pm Monday-Thursday; 8am-6pm Friday; and 8.30am-1pm Saturday. Inquiries: 9743 4922


Dr Ishak and and nurse Sally with patient Jyoti. (Photo supplied)
Dr Ishak and and nurse Sally with patient Jyoti. (Photo supplied)