Spend, play,win for the ultimate nostalgic experience

Take a trip down memory lane and win toys from the 90s.

Woodgrove Shopping Centre is inviting customers to indulge in an iconic journey down memory lane as the centre pays homage to the most cherished toys and characters of the 1990s.

In conjunction with the highly anticipated annual Big W Toy Sale, Woodgrove is offering customers the chance to win their favourite classic toys, along with a grand prize of $10,000.

Kicking off from Thursday, June 15, shoppers have the opportunity to test their luck at the ’Spend, Play and WIN’ giant gumball machine. Each participant will have a shot at scoring exclusive 90s-themed prizes, including Tamagotchis, Polly Pockets, Cabbage Patch Kids, Transformers, and more! To play, customers simply spend $30 at any participating retailers and take a turn at the machine. Every participant will automatically

be entered into the draw for the grand cash prize.

Kylie Robertson, Woodgrove centre manager, is thrilled to be bringing the 90s back to Woodgrove.

“With the exciting Spend, Play and WIN! promotion we cannot wait to see shoppers revel in this nostalgic experience. It’s a chance to relive cherished memories, introduce a new generation to classic toys and characters, and celebrate everything that made the 90s so special. We welcome everyone to join us on this fun-filled journey back in time!“ said Kylie.