Make your mark with the Grand Final, home style

There are ways to make the most exciting day of footy exciting at home. (iStock)

Carole Levy

Who says watching the Grand Final at home during lockdown can’t be fun? OK, slightly less perfect without having the gang over, but there are ways to make the most exciting day of footy exciting at home – inside or outdoors, writes Carole Levy.

First, set the mood: get into the scarves, socks and beanies of your team (even if they’re not playing in the Grandie), then crank up the music. ‘Up There Kazaly’ (on repeat) and anything from Barnesy are obvious choices. Maybe best to give a miss to your old Meatloaf CD…for obvious reasons.

When the music goes down, turn up the TV to loud because there’s nothing like listening to the commentators’ shtick to get in the mood and to spark friendly debate before the game.

Second, before the first bounce, hand out a list to everyone for them to enter their ‘bets’ on the following:

Who will win the captain’s centre call?

How many players will actually sing the National Anthem?

Who will kick the first goal?

Who will kick the first behind?

Who will get the first free kick?

At what stage will the first punch-on occur?

What will constitute the first ‘bad’ umpire’s decision?

Which side will get the most free kicks per quarter?

This can be readily adapted to a typical Aussie drinking game, but have silly prizes to hand out during and after the match. Kids and grown-ups will love this, and you can add your own ideas to the list.

Third – have the ‘right’ mood-food available. Pies, obviously. If you’re having a barbecue, check out local butchers who are likely to offer a Grand Final meat or skewers pack. Order in home-delivered treats from your fave local café – think cupcakes, antipasto or cheese platters, a wrap selection…

Most of all, celebrate togetherness, and know that people all over Melbourne are barracking in their homes along with you. We can make the COVID grand final a great one anyway…because that’s who we are.

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