Kyneton on the Riverside, built for lifestyle


In the heart of Kyneton, where the Campaspe River meanders gracefully through historic landscapes, a vibrant community is flourishing – Kyneton on the Riverside (KOR).

Suzana Bojkovski, marketing manager at KOR, expresses her excitement as the KOR vision comes to life with more new homeowners moving into the community. Kyneton, known for its historical significance, now stands as a testament to a blend of country living and modern convenience.

The allure of Kyneton lies in its sought-after location, offering country living without sacrificing proximity to essential amenities such as schools, shops, hospital, and more. Ms Bojkovski highlights the most recent Village Green Release, Stage 10, which has only has 5 lots remaining.

The Stage 11 Postmaster Release introduces generously sized lots that provide direct access to the Kyneton train station. This not only enhances the community’s connectivity but also offers an easy commute to Melbourne or Bendigo, a feature that undoubtedly adds to the appeal.

“The remaining lots in Stage 10 and 11 present an opportunity to become a part of this thriving community” said Ms Bojkovski.

Residents new to KOR are embracing Kyneton for its strong local community and for its art and culinary offerings.

Ms Bojkovski notes, “Residents love Kyneton for its strong local community, good food, and how easy it was to settle in.“

It’s a testament to the welcoming atmosphere that permeates Kyneton, making it a place where newcomers seamlessly become part of the fabric of the town.

As the vision of KOR continues to unfold, it invites you to be a part of the story. Whether you explore the charm of the historic town or savor the conveniences of contemporary living, KOR promises anew lifestyle.

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