IN FOCUS: Good food is all about amore

That’s Amore Cafe. (Mark Wilson)

Carole Levy

The cruisy voices of the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin might be the second thing you notice at That’s Amore Cafe, Rebecca Galea’s continental-inspired tribute. The first thing, however, will be the mouth-watering aromas – maybe of the just-made cannoli.

Since opening her cafe 5 months ago, Rebecca – and her family who helps her – has won many fans with her lavish spread of continental cakes and pastries, but there’s other deliciousness to discover at That’s Amore Café as well.

By all means, do not miss the likes of babas with rum liqueur or the other continental cakes, but this is a place that also serves up great subs and burgers, and even homemade pasta dishes, such as Napoli, and classic bolognaise.

“Our subs are made with ciabatta or Turkish bread,” Rebecca says, “and we’re hoping to add other continental breads soon.

“We also know how to make a good burger, the ideal quick brunch or lunch. Add to that one of our constantly praised gelati choices, or a refreshing sorbet, and that’s a mighty tempting feast.

“We have dairy-based ice cream, too, for the traditionalists – and usually the kids, who love choosing their favourite flavour.”

Once you’ve sampled the café’s treats, you’re going to want one of those cakes or other dolci to be the star at your next get-together.

Continental cakes just have that touch more sophistication, but even kids can like them. Or just cheekily save it all for the grown-ups, is Rebecca’s advice.

Maltese Figolli is a delicious new addition and will be available at upcoming stalls – keep an eye on the Facebook page for stall dates and prices.

Rebecca and her crew also do catering. They can whip up platters of subs, with crusty rolls and snap-fresh fillings, for business meetings – colleagues will be impressed if they get rum baba as well. Other choices are also available.

Continental cakes, including gluten-free, are made to order for all occasions, so choose your indulgence…

The café has a cool fitout, too, just made to go with those retro Old Blue Eyes’ tunes coming from the jukebox, and the good tea choices and coffee brews from the Coffee Co label. Did we mention the canoli (with chocolate and/or lemon custard) to go with that?

Plans to open the cafe in the evenings and feature an Italian singer are in the works, so keep an eye on what this gem has to offer.

That’s Amore Café, 
315 High Street, Melton. 
Opens 9am-4pm Tuesday-Friday and 9am-1pm Saturday. 
Inquiries: 0411 233 571