Dr Farooq leading the way in dentistry and gender equality

Dr Saba Farooq.

Dr Saba Farooq, a local dentist and owner of Main Street Dental Practice Bacchus Marsh, celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) by reflecting on its significance and the impact of gender equality on her life.

Dr Farooq highlights IWD’s role as a global platform for women’s achievements and a call for accelerated gender parity.

“I want to be part of the effort that changes the reality for every woman,“ she states.

Inspiration played a key role in her journey. Her father, a pioneering dentist and orthodontist in Pakistan, instilled a belief in limitless possibilities with hard work.

“He was a strong advocate for girls’ education,“ Dr Farooq recalls.

Her supportive brother and husband further empowered her.

Her husband, she says, “encouraged me to pursue my dreams, whether it’s starting a business or taking career-advancing opportunities“.

Investing in women is investing in progress, Dr Farooq argues.

“When women have equal access to resources and opportunities, they contribute more fully to society and the economy. Gender equality leads to a more just and peaceful world.“

She believes in empowering women through education, entrepreneurship programs, and access to capital. Advocating for fair pay, parental leave policies, and tackling unconscious bias are also crucial.

Dr Farooq exemplifies this empowerment.

“I’ve inspired many young women to become dentists and businesswomen,“ she says, highlighting her role as one of the first Pakistani women dentists and business owners in Australia.

Her story embodies the spirit of IWD, paving the way for a future where women can achieve their full potential.