Cottage-style dentist in Bacchus Marsh

Main Street Dental in Bacchus Marsh.

At Main Street Dental in Bacchus Marsh, the team prides itself on providing quality, caring dentistry for the whole family.

Located in the Main Street of Bacchus Marsh, Main Street Dental offers a full range of dental services including emergency, cosmetic and general dentistry, whilst maintaining a focus on prevention.

Dr Saba Farooq, principal dentist

Dr Saba Farooq is passionate about dentistry and comes from a family of dentists. The main motivator and inspiration being her dad who was a dentist. Dr Saba believes in treating the patient, not the mouth and thoroughly enjoys working with children. She prides herself on being caring and compassionate with her patients while maintaining the highest level of care.


At Main Street Dental Bacchus Marsh, the team is proud to announce Fastbraces® Technology as part of the orthodontic treatment range.

Gone are the days of having to withstand wearing braces for years while you wait for your teeth to move into their correct position or having to put up with the look of traditional metal braces. The use of Fastbraces® technology has allowed the treatment time to be slashed to months depending on the severity of the teeth.

Constructed from triangular brackets with elastic square shaped wire, this treatment reduces the amount of pain making it more comfortable than traditional braces.

General dentistry

Regular dental check-ups with our dentist helps keep your mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy.


Achieve a confidence boosting smile with our high quality natural-looking porcelain and free hand composite veneers. Transforming your smile in an instant.

Teeth Whitening

Allow your smile to sparkle with a professional tooth whitening treatment. The dentists at Main Street Dental use the highest quality product to produce brighter, healthier looking smiles.

Kids Dentistry

The Main Street Dental team make children’s dentistry both fun and educational. They provide gentle yet effective dental treatments from infancy through to teens.


Why not come in for a free consultation for implants with one of the experienced dentists?

Sedation Dentistry

Feeling too anxious about going to the dentist? Main Street Dental has a dedicated team that can provide you with sedation and make you feel completely relaxed and at ease, and even forget the entire experience afterwards.

To book an appointment please call 5367 5355.