IN FOCUS: Driving home a complete service

By Carole Levy

Jack’s taxi service is distinctive in other ways, too. For the past four years he’s opened the doors to his fully equipped workshop where his own cars are serviced and repaired. And the public are now welcome to bring their cars in – and take advantage of Jack’s buying power which, he says, can mean lower-cost vehicle maintenance.

“We meet many customers who are absolutely surprised when they learn that our workshop also offers a taxi service,” Jack says.

“And our taxi passengers also comment on us being a diverse business within the community. It certainly keeps us busy and happy.”

Taxi Bacchus Marsh and Melton has taxis suitable for people with wheelchairs and disabilities, and all service comes with a smile from friendly drivers.

“We have both male and female drivers who have developed great working relationships with many in our community. It’s the same with our despatchers – also male and female. They often recognise customers’ voices over the phone, know their names and get to know how to give them the best service.

“All of us really enjoy the service part of our jobs.”

Jack says they’re always looking for suitable staff to bring their talents to the business.

“We’re a growing business so we’re always on the lookout for people to join us.

“Because our business is so diverse, opportunities do arise. All our team members are hard workers, always ready to do their bit to improve our services, and most of them are locals.

“Some have been here since the ‘90s, forming an essential part of the business. They have loads of local knowledge and know what customers want.”

Jack acknowledges the shake-up going on in the taxi industry and how deregulation has had an impact.

“Of course, it’s affected everyone, but we’re confident that with our connection with the community, and the service standards we offer, we’re here for the long haul.

“We’re actually proud to be the only locally owned and operated network service provider in Melton and Bacchus Marsh. And we welcome the support we get from locals.”

Taxis Bacchus Marsh and Melton,
17 Collins Road, Melton.
Operates 24/7. Inquiries: 97469442