Beauty is in the beer

15-10-19 Peter Kakol has made the state finals of a home brewing competition. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

By Ewen McRae

Peter Kakol loves a beer.

He loves it so much he’s made a career out of it, and is now a finalist in a nationwide search for the best home brewer in Australia.

The Diggers Rest man has been brewing his own beer for 25 years, eventually opening up a store in Sunbury to brew and sell home brew products.

He was recently named a Victorian finalist in the Coopers Brewery ‘Master of the Brewniverse’ competition for his Sunbury Festival Ale. He said he enjoyed the variety and experimentation that comes with the brewing process.

“Initially it started as a way of saving some money, and I liked the hobby so much it eventually became my business,” Mr Kakol said.

“I enjoy playing with the flavours, and I don’t really have a favourite, just a good all-round beer.

“Everyone is into IPA’s (Indian Pale Ale) these days, they’re a creamier, richer beer so they’re very nice and very popular.”

Mr Kakol said the Sunbury Festival Ale came about by adding extra hops and trying new flavours. He said it was nice to get some wider recognition for his passion. “It took about 12 months to get the flavours right on that one,” he said.

The national finals to crown Australia’s best home brew will be held in December.

… Ewen McRae