Dales Creek, Barrys Reef sirens sound to alert, not alarm

FIRE sirens will be installed in Dales Creek and Barrys Reef after CFA tests at several Moorabool locations tomorrow.

Testing will be conducted at Dales Creek, Barrys Reef, Simmons Reef and Golden Point from 10am-3pm to assess suitability for a permanent siren. Sirens will sound for between 90 seconds and five minutes.

The CFA will analyse location suitability.

CFA community safety manager Michael Boatman said feedback from residents was essential. “Please remember that if you don’t hear any sirens during the allocated time period, this information is just as important,” he said.

“A feedback form and background information is being mailed to all local residents and businesses. Following the testing and community feedback, two new sirens will be installed in Dales Creek and Barrys Reef over the coming months, with the potential for an additional two sirens.”

As reported by the Weekly, Blackwood and Greendale CFA stations received siren upgrades in January.

Mayor Pat Toohey said because mobile messaging proved unreliable during a recent evacuation exercise in the Blackwood area, additional alerting options were vital.

“While the sirens will add to the suite of options being worked on in these areas, emergency agencies have reinforced their most important message, which is to leave early on days of code red and extreme fire danger.”

Sirens are sounded to alert people to seek further information from the bushfire information line, CFA website or radio broadcasts rather than to evacuate. 

Residents can complete feedback forms at haveyoursaymoorabool.com.au.