Foxy tactics to get rid of Bacchus Marsh ferals

PARKS Victoria began a month-long fox baiting program in parks around Bacchus Marsh last Friday.

Buried baits containing 1080 poison were laid at Brisbane Ranges National Park, Werribee Gorge Sate Park, Lerderderg State Park and Long Forest Nature Conservation Reserve. 

Ranger in charge Peter Box urged people visiting these areas not to disturb or interfere with the bait stations. 

“We’ll be clearly sign-posting the baited sites to ensure people know where they are. 

Pet owners are advised to keep animals under effective control, muzzled or away from the poisoned areas because domestic dogs and cats are particularly susceptible to 1080 poisons.

“As an introduced species, foxes are a major threat to our native wildlife, such as migratory birds, small mammals and reptiles and they affect farm activities. This round of baiting is part of our ongoing efforts to protect our native wildlife and the environment.”

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