Thoroughbreds lock in McCallum


Tara Murray

New Melton Thoroughbreds’ Big V men’s division 2 coach Mick McCallum is hoping to build consistency in the program for long term success.

After an interrupted few seasons with different coaches, the club has announced that McCallum will lead the side going forward.

Having grown up at the club, McCallum said he’s excited for the opportunity.

“It’s definitely a huge opportunity to be able to take this role on,” he said. “I can’t wait to get it all going and to see if we can keep our off season momentum.

“We need to build a team around long term goals of trying to make Melton basketball the best it can be.

“And if we can show consistency and good culture at the top level the hope is that it will filter down though the junior sides and make them want to stay in Melton and play for the men’s team in the future.”

McCallum played for the club’s Big V program for a number of years, but then stepped away to spend time with his children.

With the kids now wanting to be around basketball he has got back involved. He joined the Big V side as an assistant coach half way through last season.

The team finished 10th with six wins last season.

McCallum already has a head start ahead of the Big V season, as coach of the club’s inaugural Country Basketball League men’s side.

The team is undefeated after six matches.

“The goal for me was to lead the CBL team and then run for the Big V job, meaning that the CBL season would act as a pre-season,” McCallum said.

The McCallum name isn’t new to the Thoroughbreds’ Big V coaching program. Mick’s mum Julie McCallum is a championship winning coach at the club.

McCallum said is excited to follow in her footsteps.

“It feels amazing but then definitely a little daunting too,” he said. “I have taken a lot away from her coaching style and I would be more than happy if I could be half the coach she is.”

The Thoroughbreds have also locked in their youth league women’s and youth league men’s coaches for next season.

Thoroughbreds operations manager and CBL women’s coach Megan Moody will coach the youth league women’s side.

Jason Derby, who is assistant coach of the club’s CBL men’s side will coach the youth league men’s team.