Points set for Ballarat FL

Picture Shawn Smits

Tara Murray

The Ballarat Football League has announced its player points structure for the 2021 season.

A lot of debate has surrounded what leagues would do with points, due to the 2020 season called off due to COVID-19.

The league has decided any player who was a multi-point player and received a season service of reduction in 2019 and didn’t transfer or gain a permit to another community club in 2020, may receive a one point reduction for the 2021 season if they remain at the same club.

Players who were recruited for the 2020 season will remain at the same player points.

In a statement, Ballarat FNL general manager Shane Anwyl said this would give the clubs some clarity moving forward.

“If clubs have retained players, it will free up points for additional recruiting for 2021,” he said.

“If they were at the top of their available points for 2020 through recruiting and they have retained these players then they will have the list which they deemed to be suitable for 2020.”

Overall team total points for 2021 will remain what they were for the 2020 season, with the majority of clubs having 43 points.

Melton South (47 points) and Sebastopol (45 points) were both due to have extra points in 2020 which were approved by AFL Victoria due to their results in previous years.

An application has been made to approve those additional points for next season.

The league has previously announced its salary of $100,000, which puts the league in line with the major metro competition top divisions.