BFNL: Melton shows the way to Lions

MELTON welcomed Sunbury Lions’ recruits to the Ballarat Netball League on Saturday with a taste of how tough it will be to become a contended.

The Bloods won 40-29 in a victory that will temper pre-season expectations of the Lions.

Bacchus Marsh was guided to victory by 32 Susan Dalmau goals in a 50-34 win against Melton South.

Darley’s spearhead Elyce Carlyle also started the season in high-scoring form as she netted 29 times in Darley’s 42-21 win against Sebastopol.

CLICK HERE for our picture gallery from the Sebastopol and Darley game.

In Riddell District Netball League, Melton Centrals easily accounted for Rockbank, 72-10.

Around the courts, Riddell beat Diggers Rest 70-33, Macedon beat Woodend Hesket 68-23, and Sunbury Kangaroos beat Rupertswood 50-19.