Young and living rough

Jesuit Social Services general manager of housing and complex need Leanne Acreman.

By Esther Lauaki

Young people have shared their stories of hardship and hope as part of Homelessness Week.

Jesuit Social Services screened two short films featuring interviews with two young people who spoke about their experiences of living rough in Brimbank at its Participants’ Voices event last Thursday.

Jesuit Social Services runs three social housing programs across Victoria for young people experiencing homelessness or with mental illness or disabilities.

Housing and complex needs manager Leanne Acreman said the films aimed to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness, the issues they faced and the action needed to achieve enduring solutions.

“They talk about their journey coming from childhood trauma and having issues after being in custody and out of home care, to then being supported by homelessness programs and having access to housing and after hours support,” Ms Acreman said.

“We also wanted to showcase some of the programs we have available and the impact they have in transforming the lives of young people.

“We know that there’s been a 43 per cent increase in a decade of young people experiencing homelessness.

“Our aim is to provide housing and as much support as we can for these young people.”