Won’t you take me to, Fungi Town?

Kathy Holowko with her Fungi Town Caravan. (Damjan Janevski) 390493_01

As the Blackwood Woodchop and Easter Carnival looms closer, one local artist is making sure the forest-town’s fabulous fungi are celebrated.

Kathy Holowko is an artist and Blackwood and Barry’s Reef Landcare Group member, who became “obsessed” with fungi during her COVID-walks around Blackwood during lockdown.

Her obsession led to the creation of the Fungi Town Caravan – an eye-catching artwork that also uses science-diorama elements to inspire and educate.

Ms Holowko said she often creates artworks that can provide an opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for the natural cycles and systems that we depend on.

“My daily walks in the Wombat and Lerderderg Forest provided endless encounters and inspiration to learn more about these ephemeral lifeforms,” she said.

Over the last couple of years Fungi-Town has been touring the region, popping into schools, festivals and markets to spread the fungi love as far and wide as Yarra, Knox and Moonee Ponds.

Ms Holowko said at the Blackwood Woodchop and Easter Carnival on March 30, Fungi-Town will finally get to make its home-town debut in the annual Easter parade.

“Blackwood is a fungi town, it has a thriving array of fungi and I really wanted to celebrate this very special occurrence in our town and perhaps help people understand a little more about them through the fun of art and art making,” she said.

“In the lead up to the parade I will be hosting workshops with local families to create mushroom-themed costumes for the kids so that they can walk alongside the Fungi Town Caravan as we make our way to the Easter Carnival.

“When we arrive, we will swing open the doors and reveal a diorama of a forest floor with mushrooms as the star attraction.”

Details: www.facebook.com/BlackwoodLandcare

By Liam McNally