Virus cases plummet


Ewen McRae

By Ewen McRae

Active cases of COVID-19 continue to plummet locally, with the statewide average falling dramatically in the past week.

Melton had 70 active cases of the virus on September 20, the lowest total for nearly two months, while Moorabool had just two active cases on the same date.

Moorabool has now moved to the second stage of the state government’s roadmap to reopening, with outdoor dining returning to restaurants, and an increase in the numbers of people allowed to gather together.

The metropolitan 14-day average fell to just 36.2 cases on Sunday, with Premier Daniel Andrews praising Victorians for their efforts in driving numbers down.

“That is proof positive, beyond any question, that this strategy is working,” Mr Andrews said.

“These numbers are coming down… thanks to the hard work of every single Victorian, the vast, vast majority of Victorians who are following the rules, doing the right thing, getting tested as soon as they have symptoms.

“That’s why we’re seeing the numbers come down and that’s why we will continue to see them come down in accordance with our road map to COVID normal.”

While the average daily case numbers are within the range for reducing restriction further, Mr Andrews said there would be a cautious approach.

“There will, of course, always be debates about timing and whether we’re on schedule, ahead of schedule, all of those things,” Mr Andrews said.

“Ultimately, these numbers are cause for great optimism and a positivity, I would hope, right across metropolitan Melbourne, just as regional Victoria this week has taken two big steps to open up and we’re seeing stability in those numbers.

“[There have been] days this week with no new cases across regional Victoria despite significant testing activity.

“We will see the same thing occur in Metropolitan Melbourne and we’ll do it in a safe and steady way.”