Vintage vehicle collection offered to the public

David Lewis with his father's World War II vehicles that are about to go on auction. (Nicole Howlett)

A treasure trove of vintage vehicles and machinery, including World War II trucks, that have been hiding out in Coimadai are about to go on auction.

David Lewis’ father had been building his collection for more than 30 years and it ncludes about 50 WWII vehicles including restored Bren Gun Carriers, GMC trucks, White Scout Cars, Fords and Dodges.

Mr Lewis’ said it’s time to clear out his father’s old property, but he wants to see the collection go to a good homes.

“[Mr Lewis’ father] was a mechanic,” he said. “This was his retirement hobby, he was right into ex military World War II machinery… He was quite fanatical about it.

“If you’re a military buff interested in this type of stuff it’d be interesting to come have a look at, people have said they’ve never been so close to such military gear in their lives. Lots of people have found it exciting.

“I’d rather see somebody tats into it to get the benefit and enjoyment out of it. The exciting thing for me is to see them go to people who will get excitement out of it, or enjoyment out of rebuilding them or putting them in museums – my father didn’t want them to go to someone that didn’t appreciate it. Some of these things are very rare.”

The auction is being run through M.E. Auctions. There will be a viewing of the auction items on Saturday, March 9, from 10am to 2pm at 1834 Gisborne Road, Coimadai.

The auction will be conducted online only, via live video stream at 10am Sunday, March 10.