Tile style for Melton diversity wall

Emma Bekim and Arabella

By Esther Lauaki

Melton, Rockbank and Caroline Springs school pupils are experiencing a wave of creativity.

Years 4, 5 and 6 pupils from Christ the Priest, St Dominic’s and Rockbank primary schools are working together to paint tiles for a Diversity Wave Wall to be installed at Melton Library and Learning Hub from March 18.

The project, run by Artists’ Collective of Melton, aims to foster artistic talent in the community.

Visual arts teacher Audrey Buttigieg-Cardona, of Christ the Priest Primary School, said the project would showcase Melton’s diversity.

“Each school used the same colours however, due to the process involved, each tile will result in a completely different look,” she said.

“The tiles will be assembled … to resemble a beautiful wave and will be displayed at Melton Library and Learning Hub and later on donated to the Hope Street foundation.

“The purpose of the installation is to showcase the diversity of our community; even though we all look different, we are all made the same, and when joined together we create a beautiful, unique fabric of society.”

The Artists’ Collective of Melton thanked Melton council and the various community groups involved in the project.