Second Nature sculpture unveiled

Melton mayor Lara Carli and artist Jade Oakley standing in front of the new sculpture.

Liam McNally

A new public artwork was unveiled at The Avenue Park in Caroline Springs on Friday February 24.

Titled Second Nature, the sculpture by Jade Oakley plays on the theme of growth and will provide a place of shelter and play at the heart of the park.

Led by public art specialist consultants, T-Projects, the sculpture is an interactive and practical

piece, with drawings gathered at community arts workshops etched in

the pathways, leading you to the sculptural landmark in the centre of the playground.

These drawings tell the story of growth on the site, progressively changing from growth

patterns found in nature to the pattern of community growth through the drawings of maps.

The sculpture takes the form of two large leaves on a steel stem, with the veins of the leaves depicting a map of Caroline Springs.

Artist Jade Oakley said she strives to make artworks that are visually integrated with their site.

“I feel strongly that public sculpture should have a strong thematic relationship with the natural

or cultural history of its setting,” she said.

Melton Mayor, Cr Lara Carli said Second Nature brings together play, art and practical design “into a beautiful sculpture”.

“This artwork represents what it is to grow together as a community and as a city. It’s about rapid changes in our demographics, social cohesion, and cultural identity in the City of Melton,” she said.

“I look forward to seeing our residents young and old enjoy this piece as art and as a place for

shelter and play in the heart of the park.”