Running for Fred

L To R Laura Fitzgerald, Danni Smith, Bruce Will, Sarah Honeycombe

Ewen McRae

Sarah Honeycombe and her friends had been going on regular hikes and walks to escape their homes before the latest lockdown, and they have now turned their exercise into a good cause.

The Caroline Springs group have set themselves walking and running targets to raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation through the Fred’s Big Run event.

Ms Honeycombe said

“We were going on little hikes to get out of the house after the last lockdown, and when we saw an add for this we thought it’d be a bit of fun and a good cause,” she said.

“So we all got on board and encouraged each other, and we’ve now got about 10 people in the team.

“I haven’t been a regular runner for a while so it’s been a good chance to pull our finger out and get active again and also escape the house when we can.”

The team, playfully titled ‘Better at running up bar tabs’, set themselves a target of $1000 for the fundraiser but have already raised over $2500.

While Ms Honeycombe is hoping to clock up 50km for the month, some in the team are aiming as high as 150km, but they’re all in it together regardless.

“Whether we’re walking or running, or whatever distance, it’s all to help out a good cause,” she said.

“We’ve got a little Facebook group chat to encourage each other and share how we’re going, so it’s good for mental health at this difficult time as well.

“We’re really thankful for all the support and hopefully we can help out in a small way.”