Rising demand for food charity

SMCV chief executive Monica Majak and member Natalia Achol Kiir. (Jacob Pattison) 383009_03

The Sudanese Mothers Coalition in Victoria (SMCV) has donated more than 40,000 food items in the past 13 years to people in Melton and Brimbank, and it’s seeking community volunteers to expand its reach.

SMCV is a non-for-profit agency established in 2009 that works with South Sudanese Communities, particularly families, and young people at risk of disengagement from education, employment and other essential services.

The SMCV’s mission is to support women and young people to improve their lives through confidence and resilience building, mental health and a sense of belonging to Australian society.

Among SMCV’s support work is its food donation program, which works with the state government, South Sudanese Communities, local grocery stores, and African United Farms to secure food delivery and donations to vulnerable young people and parents from Sudanese and South Sudanese community backgrounds.

SMCV chief executive Monica Majak said the food program is hoping to expand, but needs more volunteers and resources to do so.

“The food donation has increased due to rising living costs. There is a need to help young people and parents in need and be able to have healthy food and good nutrition,” she said.

“The SMCV has a developed plan for cooking, collecting, transporting, and distributing food items to the households. However, the SMCV do not have proper logistics, including storage facilities, transportation methods, and the frequency of pickups due to lack of resources,” she said.

“We seek to recruit volunteers to assist with various tasks, including collecting, sorting, and distributing food. Volunteers are essential for the success of a food donation program.”

The SMCV is also hoping to raise funds for a minibus, and is seeking computer donations.

Details: 0431023 688 or monmajak@gmail.com

Liam McNally