Rebates ready for water works

By Ewen McRae

Local MP Steve McGhie is urging more people to take up a rebate program to help reduce their water bills.

Since 2015, Victorian urban water corporations have delivered the government-funded Community Rebate Program to assist vulnerable customers and those experiencing hardship.

Through the program, water corporations will send someone out to a customer’s house to replace a showerhead, change to a dual or low flush toilet, install flow control devices or repair or fix inefficient water fittings.

All costs are covered up-front by the grants program. More than 290 Western Water customers have already taken up the program.

Mr McGhie said many customers report having water leaks or inefficient appliances but are unable to afford the cost of repair or replacement.

“While changes like altering a showerhead may seem minor, over time these changes can make a huge difference to residential water usage and water bills,” he said.

“I encourage all residents of Melton to think about how they can use water more effectively and contact Western Water to find out if you are eligible for the rebate program.”