Push for Calder commitment

Brimbank council relaunched its Fix the Calder campaign in February this year. (L-R) David Pollard, Mayor Ranka Rasic, Ian Sutherland, and Peter Watson at the launch of the Fix the Calder campaign.

Melton council is backing Brimbank council’s ‘Fix the Calder’ campaign.

Brimbank council is calling for all hands on deck at it once again rallies for both the federal and state governments to fix the Calder Freeway.

The council will host a community event on Saturday, April 20, at Overnewton Gatehouse Hall, Keilor, from 9.30am to launch a new advocacy brochure on ‘Improving the Calder Highway’.

The Council said the Calder is one of Australia’s most dangerous roads and safety upgrades are “urgently needed.“

The brochure has been produced by the Calder Highway Improvement Committee (CHIC), which consists of a number of councils, including Melton council and outlines the group for improving safety on the Calder Highway.

Since Brimbank council first launched the Fix the Calder campaign in April 2021, the state government has made a range of announcements including, a $50 million investment for minor upgrades, planning and investigative works, the level crossing removal at Calder Park Drive, due for completion in 2025, and a now completed business case to investigate a diamond interchange at Calder Park Drive.

Council said while these are important and welcome first steps, there is still “a long way to go.“

Council expressed it’s disappointment with the federal government’s decision to withdraw the $50 million promised by the previous government, noting that it was only a “fraction“ of what is required.

Brimbank council is now calling on the federal government to reassess the project and provide adequate funding to make the Calder safe, while calling on the state government to increase its $50m funding commitment and release the findings and recommendations of the Calder Park Drive Interchange business case.

Melton deputy mayor Steve Abboushi said the council supports advocacy to the state and gederal governments for upgrades along the Calder Freeway.

“We welcome the planned level crossing removal at Calder Park Drive, and business case to investigate a diamond interchange at Calder Park Drive as important first steps to fix one of Victoria’s busiest roads,” he said.

“Council is advocating for the construction of a new train station at Calder Park Drive to provide more accessible public transport options in an important growth area.

“Urbanisation of the increasingly busy Calder – Vineyard Road interchange in Sunbury would also help improve road safety and ease congestion.