Council rejects call for Darley speed humps

Moorabool council has rejected a petition calling for speed humps in a Darley street with officers saying hoons may see the devices as a “challenge”.

At their October meeting, councillors received a petition with 12 signatures asking for speed humps to be installed in Baker Street.

One resident has since complained about an “increase in traffic and heavy vehicle usage” on the street, and another petition was handed in.

In a report, council officers stated that “while speed humps may assist in a reduction in speed, in this case, it will have no effect on traffic volumes, as there are no alternative options for accessing Cromarty Circuit”.

The report also noted that installing speed humps would “compromise” the limited parking spaces in Baker Street, with the road too narrow (at five metres wide) to warrant any.

Speed humps on the street could give rise to more issues, including more noise and fumes, more glare at night from car lights, increased maintenance costs, and slower access for emergency vehicles, officers reported.

Infrastructure general manager Phil Jeffrey said speed humps would not deter hoons.

“In terms of [minimising] the hoon factor, it doesn’t generally work,” Mr Jeffrey said. “Hoons will just see the speed humps as a challenge.”

On average, about 300 cars per day travel along the street, with 85 per cent of them travelling at or below 46km/h.