New vision for Melton Weir

Melton weir. (Damjan Janevski) 267032_01

Liam McNally

A Melton councillor is hoping plans for the Melton Weir could turn it into the “jewel in the crown of Melton”.

The Draft Melton Weir Parkland Strategy was adopted at a council meeting on Monday, March 25, and outlines a guide for the development and use of parkland around the Reservoir.

The main objective of the strategy is to improve access and recreational opportunities and transform the weir into a recreational drawcard for the City of Melton and wider Melbourne.

Initial stages of the project included a detailed site assessment and background analysis as as well as consultation on the weir’s existing uses.

Councillor Julie Shannon said the Melton Weir is home to some of the city’s biggest events and most active local clubs.

“Melton Weir is an important local asset and we have the opportunity to transform it into a recreational drawcard not only for our residents, but people from the wider metropolitan region as well,” she said.

“Council wants to improve access and recreational opportunities to the Melton Weir and surrounding parklands.

“This draft strategy provides direction for the development of surrounding parkland, as well as amenity and infrastructure upgrades.

“I look forward to hearing the feedback from this next round of constitution and the strategy being finalised.”

The draft plan suggests a number of upgrades along the entire length of the weir including new bike and walking paths, multiple new viewing platforms, picnic area, basketball half-court, outdoor gyms, a potential waterfront cafe, new fishing platforms and more.

The draft plan also mentions potential for a boat ramp at the end of Clarkes Road following a study by Better Boating Victoria and Southern Rural Water but it will require its own feasibility study.

Councillor Bob Turner said said the project committee was put together in 2013, so it’s good to see some movement.

“It’s been extremely slow over the years so thank you to the counsellors that run it now and are really pushing…” he said.

“We really need to see this happen, this is could be the jewel in the crown of the City of Melton.”

Public comment on the draft Melton Weir Parkland Strategy will be open from April 19 to May 6.