New artwork unveiled on CS Gallery windows

The Picnic by Justine McAllister. (Provided)

The latest artwork to be displayed on the windows of Caroline Springs Gallery has been unveiled.

The new season’s artwork on display at the gallery at Caroline Springs Library and Learning Hub celebrates Melton’s diverse community.

The Picnic by Justine McAllister represents the municipality’s multicultural and diverse community enjoying all the activities that are on offer in the city.

It is designed to show how each member of the community contributes to making the Melton a great place to live, work and play.

The artwork stretches across seven windows and portrays a large communal picnic in an ode to the values of connection, inclusivity and recreation that bind people together.

Justine McAllister, represented by Eddie Zammit, is a west Melbourne-based artist and has been creating large-scale murals for display in public places for more than 10 years.

“In my work, I celebrate Melton’s diversity through a communal picnic, embracing all ages, orientations, cultures, and abilities for joyful connection and inclusivity,” she said.

Melton mayor Kathy Majdlik said the artwork is a beautiful celebration of our community and shows why we embrace the diversity that makes the City of Melton such a special place to live.

“Justine’s artwork brilliantly captures the connections we feel to our community and those around us,” she said.

“I’d encourage everyone to stop and enjoy the display on the windows, but also take the opportunity to explore the exhibitions inside the gallery.’’