Motivation matters

Troy is organising a motivational speaking event for young people in May.

By Ewen McRae

A new event aimed at inspiring local young people to follow their dreams is coming to Toolern Vale.

The brainchild of local hip-hop artist Troy McFaul, who will run the event with fellow local musician Adolphus, the event aims to get young people motivated to aim high and get the most out of themselves.

“We feel like something like this is missing in this area, and we really think there’s a need to boost how the youth think about themselves,” Mr McFaul said.

“We want to see our young people stay out of trouble, follow their goals and dreams and go on the right pathway in life, and we feel if we can put this first speaking event on, and grow it, we can follow it up with some other youth events.”

The event will be aimed at children aged 10 to 16, and will cover topics such as bullying, perseverance and resilience.

“I’ll cover bullying, because I was bullied all through school, so I’ll tell my story about overcoming hurdles in life and never giving up,” Mr McFaul said. “I’m a big believer in following your dreams no matter what. I got into gangs at one point before I … pursued music.”

The event will be held on May 11 from 12.30-2pm at The Mantle, 2389 Diggers Rest-Coimadai Rd, Toolernvale.

The event is free but bookings are essential at