More seats to ease rail squeeze

More seats for passengers on peak-hour Bacchus Marsh services are now available after the roll-out of a new VLocity train last week.

A six-carriage VLocity train will be used for the 7.39am Bacchus Marsh to Southern Cross weekday service as well as a 5.16pm Southern Cross to Wyndham Vale weekday service.

The train provides an extra 80 seats for passengers and replaces the classic fleet trains that currently operate both services.

Western Victoria MP Jaala Pulford said that the train would improve capacity and ensure a more comfortable journey for passengers.

“By introducing a new Victorian-built VLocity train, there will be more seats, improved comfort and better reliability for passengers travelling from Bacchus Marsh in the morning,” Ms Pulford said.

“This Bacchus Marsh service arrives at Southern Cross Station at 8.31am so is ideal for people travelling to Melbourne for work, study or appointments because it gets them to the city before 9am.”

The state government will spend $311.1 million on 39 new VLocity carriages on top of the existing order of 48, which continue to roll off the production line.

A total of 42 of the 48 new VLocity carriages are operating on the V/Line network and as more new carriages become available, they will be allocated where they are needed most, Ms Pulford said.