More active opportunities for women and girls in Moorabool


Sarah Oliver

Women and girls in Moorabool can expect plans for more female friendly sport and recreation opportunities, with a strategy draft endorsed by council this week.

The Female Friendly Sport and Recreation Participation and Infrastructure Strategy draft has been developed by external consultants InsideEDGE Sport and Leisure Planners, in partnership with local women and girls, as well as council.

The strategy found there are statistically less women and girls within Moorabool participating in physical activity.

The intention of the strategy will be to drive opportunities for women and girls to become and stay active and increase overall health and wellbeing, while ensuring safety is also a focus.

“Sport and active recreation is known to be a powerful vehicle for change, and that its influence can foster societal transformation,” the report stated.

“By supporting, empowering and encouraging more women and girls to be involved in all aspects of physical activity, the Moorabool community will be positively influencing equality for all.”

While the plan is heavily focused on women and girls, the implementation will be beneficial to all residents regardless of gender.

Extensive community consultation was conducted, with 142 female residents responding to a community survey and 17 participants in a support group providing input in the development of the strategy.

With the plan intended to assist council with the growth of its female residents over the next 10 years, the strategic consultants found five key themes and issues to prioritise.

Priorities are access and opportunity, celebration and promotion, welcoming facilities, safe and sociable, and leadership and capacity.

Actions have been developed for each of these priorities and activities have been identified to be implemented across years one to three of the strategy.

The plan is also intended to be reviewed annually, with a strategic review in year three and six to ensure the plan is on track.