Library trolleys fill a recess

Grade 5 pupils Ellie, Mitchell and Monaro with the library trolleys. Picture: Shawn Smits

When a Gisborne carpenter donated a mobile library to Melton South Primary School last year, pupils and teachers unleashed their creativity.

What better way to instil in children the love of reading than with a Dr Seuss, and Mr & Mrs-themed cart, the senior pupils suggested.

And the school arts teacher Melissa Spencer started painting them.

The mobile trolleys have been rolled out into the schoolyard to allow pupils to grab a book, sit under the sun (or shade) and immerse themselves into mythical worlds.

“Those quieter kids … it gives them something to do,” Ms Spencer said. “Those who choose not to play sport, they can go grab a book, find a friend and sit down to read.”

Ms Spencer said the mobile library fills a gap as the school library is only open during selected recess and lunch times.