Melton swears it uses nice language


Melton residents rank among the least likely to swear in Australia, according to a recent survey.

Online learning platform Preply surveyed more than 1,500 residents of the 22 largest metropolitan areas in Australia, asking residents about their swearing habits, looking at behaviours such as frequency of swearing and where they’re most likely to hear naughty words.

Melton ranked number three for the least likely city to swear in Australia, averaging only 10 naughty words per day.

The survey found Australia’s most profane city is Bendigo, with an average of 21 swears per day, while Hobart is the least, with six per day.

On average, Australians swear about 14 times per day.

Young people have the foulest mouths, and Australian men are more likely to swear than women.

The most common place for Aussies to swear is while driving, with 70 per cent of respondents revealing this as their place of anger.

Preply language expert Sylvia Johnson said the science behind expletives exposes deeper layers of human cognition and societal norms.

“Swearing serves as a multifaceted linguistic and psychological tool, enabling individuals to express intense emotion, establish camaraderie, or assert dominance,” she said.

“It embodies a raw form of communication that not only encapsulates feelings but also reflects our inner psychological state.

“It lends itself to diverse expressions, woven into both the banality and fervour of everyday language while illustrating the remarkable plasticity of linguistic structures. Understanding this phenomenon can be instrumental in yielding deeper comprehension of the intricacies of human language and cognition’.”