Melton Specialist School students plant garden at Melton West Primary School

For several months, Melton Specialist School students armed themselves with gardening tools and made the trip down the road to the local primary school.

Students designed and built six vegetable wicking beds at Melton West Primary School, brought in the mulch and planted 60 plants – including some winter vegetables – to beautify the school gardens.

Melton Specialist School horticulture trainer Heather Chambers describes her VCAL and year 10 students’ efforts as “unbelievable”.

“They worked so hard,” Ms Chambers said. “They were unbelievable.

“Our mission statement in horticulture is to be community-minded, and Melton West was just up the road.

“One of the staff members approached us and asked if we could help them with building a veggie garden … and we agreed.”

Ms Chambers said the 12 VCAL students worked on the garden beds every Wednesday, while the 10 year 10 students helped out on Thursdays.

Ms Chambers says if she could “touch the mind of one child about the environment and how we need to care for it”, that would be rewarding.