Melton South Tennis Club not feeling the love

Melton South Tennis Club says it’s courting disaster if Melton council doesn’t come through with promised new courts.

The tennis club has 400 members and struggles to fit in all its competitions on its four courts.

Club vice-president Danielle Borle said the council had promised that two new courts would be built by this year as part of the Melton South Recreation Reserve Master Plan, with an additional two to be built in future.

But the club says it was advised by the council last week that no new courts would be built just yet because there were eight available courts at an abandoned tennis club in Melton West.

It’s not a suitable solution, according to Melton South Tennis Club.

“We were very disappointed that Melton leisure services staff and councillors made a lot of promises but have failed to deliver,” Ms Borle said.

“We have had only four [courts] since the club was built in the 1960s. All our competitions are running at capacity. We have been pushing for new courts for a number of years but have [now] been offered some nearby courts to use for overflow.

“We have a thriving club in a thriving growth area. Many of our juniors walk or ride to the club for training and competitions, and we’d lose that membership if we had to share.”


Ms Borle said the Melton West club, which folded three years ago, had been neglected.

“There are eight courts at west Melton that are almost derelict,” she said. “Four are in poor condition and four are unusable. Two of those courts are set to be redeveloped into multi-purpose netball and tennis courts.

But Melton council recreation and youth manager Adrian Burns said the club would not be sharing the Melton west courts permanently.

“Many clubs across the municipality play sport across multiple venues,” he said.

“Council has offered an option to Melton South Tennis Club to expand … to the Melton West tennis facility, not to vacate their home.

“While additional tennis courts are planned for Melton South Tennis Club in the medium term, council is encouraging increased utilisation rates at existing facilities.”

“The club’s membership has continued to grow,” Ms Borle said.