Radio host retires after 30 years

When Kaye Nicholls started on the airwaves 30 years ago, the topic of women’s health was taboo.

The Melton 979 FM host wasted no time in shining a light on women’s health, including hormone replacement technology and premenstrual syndrome.

“I don’t think there was enough emphasis on women and their health,” Ms Nicholls says. “People just didn’t want to know about it, but I could see women were needing help and these things needed to be addressed.”

Ms Nicholls announced her retirement from the radio late last month. Although she says she’ll miss it, she feels it’s time to move on.

“The Melton radio is like the phoenix; it has its highs and lows and then rises from the ashes,” she says. “We’ve just gone from pillar to post … I’d like to see the community continue supporting the show.”

The Melton grandmother achieved a great deal in the 30 years she was hosting and speaking on various topics, with her primary focus always on women’s health.

She says many women, especially baby boomers, were interested in the topics she brought into the public realm. And while more people are now better attuned to their mental and physical health, Ms Nicholls is worried about the number of men and women relying on “Dr Google” to self-diagnose.

Prior to her departure, Ms Nicholls was hosting the Nicholodeon show from 8-10am on Wednesdays.