Melton man guilty of animal cruelty


A Melton man has been found guilty of one count of animal cruelty; beating or terrifying an animal.

The man was sentenced to a community correction order for 12 months and banned from being the person in charge of any dogs for a period of 10 years on March 28.

RSPCA Victoria Inspectors began investigating after receiving a report of animal cruelty, including CCTV footage of a violent animal cruelty incident at the man’s property.

The footage depicted the man striking a Boxer-type dog heavily with a shovel five times on the dog’s head, shoulder, neck, chest, and torso. The man also destroyed the dog’s kennel in the attack.

On attending the property RSPCA inspectors seized the dog for its own safety, and once in RSPCA care, the dog was given pain relief due to the blunt force trauma sustained – thankfully, X-rays found no fractures or other injuries.

RSPCA Victoria inspectorate veterinarian Dr Rebecca Belousoff said the attack was inhumane.

“The video footage shows repeated abusive blunt force trauma attacks,” she said.

“The overwhelming stress and fear the dog would have felt in the situation would have been extreme, in addition to the pain of being hit repeatedly by a shovel.

“There is no excuse for the systematic abuse this dog endured.”

Magistrate James Henderson stated the need to denounce the conduct and provide general deterrence.

“This is a serious example of animal abuse that will not be tolerated by the courts,” he said.

RSPCA Victoria’s chief inspector Michael Stagg slammed the man’s actions and said he hoped the court’s decision highlighted the community’s low tolerance for animal cruelty.

“It’s staggering to see this type of violence and cruelty towards animals, but the reality is it’s happening in Victorian backyards,” he said.

“No animal deserves this violent and inhumane cruelty, and I can only hope this court outcome reinforces the message that RSPCA Victoria, the Victorian community and the courts will not tolerate it.”